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Permiso is intended to provide general information about the adequacy of a business visa or the possible requirement of a work permit for certain activities under the immigration rules of the available and applicable destination countries based on the answers and facts provided by you. It is not intended as legal advice and should not be considered a substitute for a more in depth analysis of your circumstances or variations including, without limitation, criminal records, health-related issues, past travel restrictions or other special circumstances or activities. Any and all information available in Permiso (the "Information") is specific to the particular set of facts and answers provided for each individual assessment and cannot be applied to future travel or changed circumstances.
You acknowledge and accept the risk that the Information may not be applicable or accurate as a result of changing or inconsistent government policies or practices; unpublished interpretations of laws and regulations; any procedural, substantive or legal changes not included in, or arising after, the most recent updating of Permiso or any part of Permiso; and/or any other unforeseen reason or circumstance.
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